Runaway and Homeless Youth


24– Hour Runaway Hotline: Acts as a link between runaways , their families and CHILD Inc.’s counseling services (302) 762-6373
Temporary Emergency Shelter: Housing for appropriate, voluntary youth who are homeless, on runaway status or those threatening to run away
Crisis intervention and individual and family counseling: for sheltered and non-sheltered youth who are homeless on runaway status or who have threatened to run away; with family involvement strongly encouraged.

Aftercare Services

Provides additional services and referrals for you and families after the program is completed

Outreach Initiatives

Includes school and community presentations on runaway and other related topics

Anger Management for Youth

Anger Management for Youth (AMY) targets children and adolescents who have difficulty managing their anger at home, school and in other social settings
AMY groups are available for ages 10 to 17. Groups are 8 weeks long and sessions are held once a week. For more information call: (302) 762-8989


Engage with at risk youth through the age of 17 and their families to prevent them from running away or becoming Homeless.


A future in which all our nation’s youth, individuals and families—no matter what challenges they may face—can live healthy, productive, violence-free lives.


The goal of the Runaway and Homeless Youth Program is to improve family functioning and reduce out-of-home placements.


The Runaway and Homeless Youth Project of CHILD, Inc. operates a 24-Hour Runaway Hotline that serves as a vital link between runaways, their families, and CHILD, Inc. counseling services. The Project provides free individual and family counseling, a temporary emergency home, and related services to runaway and homeless youth and families experiencing stress.


Contact us if you…

  • Ever felt like running away?
  • Don’t feel safe at home?
  • Parents kicked you out?
  • Sleeping on a friend’s couch?
  • Lonely? Confused? Scared?


Call Us for HELP! (302)762-6373

Text 302-290-5900

Address: 507 Philadelphia Pike
Wilmington, DE 19809

CHILD Inc. works closely with various student services in order to provide CONFIDENTIAL counseling in schools.