Our Programs

Domestic Violence Services (302)762-6110

24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline (302)762-6110
Martha’s Carriage House and Sarah’s House – emergency homes for abused women and their children (60-day stay, services available).
Visitation Centers – supervised exchange for visitation or monitored on-site visitation for children from homes where there has been domestic violence and/or sexual abuse.
Domestic Violence Advocacy – guidance is provided for victims of domestic violence through the Family Court system while seeking protection from abusive partners. In New Castle County, the program provides an attorney offering free legal representation with Protection From Abuse hearings. Advocacy and support services are provided in both Kent County and Sussex County Family Court.
DFS Liaison – advocacy and case management for domestic violence victims involved with the Division of Family Services.

Domestic Violence Treatment Program

Clinical services for adult victims of domestic (intimate partner) violence, as well as for male and female perpetrators of domestic (intimate partner) violence.
Helping Children Heal – clinical services for children who have experienced domestic violence within their families. Treatment focuses on strategies to break the intergenerational cycle of violence.

Emergency Shelter Care for Children

The Governor Terry Children’s Center is the only temporary shelter for children and youth in the state. The shelter offers a temporary sanctuary to neglected, dependent and/or abused children and youth by providing emergency shelter, food, clothing and age-appropriate counseling to children ages nine through seventeen. These children are in the care or custody of the State of Delaware, Division of Family Services.

Child and Family Advocacy

Wherever and whenever needed to safeguard the rights of children; improve those systems which provide services to children and their families; to be ever vigilant of the treatment of children in our community and institutions.

Family Support & Parenting Education Services

Parenting Education Classes – are held in community-based locations throughout the State. Classes are free and are designed to strengthen parenting skills with the goal of raising healthy children in safe and nurturing environments. Three curriculums are offered; each focusing on different stages of child development. Parenting Birth to Three: Children Come Without Instructions (basic course); Teens Come Without Instructions; and classes for Spanish speaking populations. Workshops and speakers available on a variety of parenting topics.
Children First Program – clinical and educational services for families involved in divorce/separation, custody/visitation issues. Individual, family and child counseling, co-parent & mediation services and information & referral.
Children Cope with Parental Separation Seminars – State-mandated psycho educational seminars for caregivers involved in petitions to Family Court offered in New Castle and Kent Counties.
Resource Center – community-based center offering a variety of services for families including food programs, counseling services, educational and recreational opportunities and information and referral in the community of Sparrow Run.

Specialized Foster Care for Youth

Provides foster care for at-risk youth in homes of carefully selected and trained professional foster parents. The youth place in foster care must be in the care and/or custody of the State of Delaware, Division of Family Services.

Youth Services

Offers free outreach presentations on anger management, dating violence, healthy relationships, and other youth-related issues.
24-Hour Runaway Hotline (302) 762-6373 – offers youth and their families, short-term crisis shelter and counseling services in New Castle County.
Anger Management groups are provided for adolescents 13 – 17 who are having difficulty managing their anger at home, school, and in other social settings.
Safe and Respectful Dating – Aims to prevent teen dating violence by addressing the cultural norms that allow it to exist.
Kids Place – offers educational and recreational activities and programs for children and youth residing in the community of Sparrow Run.
Leadership Development Through Community Mentoring – Thoughtful, caring, responsible role models provide consistent and positive guidance to youth ages 14 – 17 who reside along the Route 40 corridor.